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Serengeti Bytes announces the Third Season of the Tanzania Digital Awards

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 Tanzania Digital Awards 2022 season has been launched on Tuesday, 13th December 2022 in Dar es Salaam. The awards scheme established by Serengeti Bytes aims at promoting accountability, creativity, and innovation in the digital space in Tanzania.       

 The first and second seasons of the Tanzania Digital Awards received a desirable impression from stakeholders and the public. More than 60,000 nominations were received while 250,000 votes were cast from the general public, resulting in 108 winners. 

Public institutions, corporates, non-governmental organizations, and individuals were nominated and voted in 12 categories in the previous season. The main categories contested last year were Digital Innovation, Digital Banking, Digital Governance, Digital Diplomacy, Digital Marketing, Digital Entertainment, Digital Media, Digital Communication, Digital Advocacy, Digital and Telecommunication, the People's Choice Award, and the Honorary Award.   


This year TDA has maintained the number of main categories at 12 and subcategories at 52 as depicted below:


Digital Innovation has eight subcategories:

-    Digital Innovator of the Year

-    Digital Innovation in Agriculture

-    Digital Innovation in Health

-    Digital Innovation in Education

-    Digital Innovation in Justice

-    Digital Innovation in Transport and Mobility

-    Digital Innovation in Finance and Banking

-    Digital Innovation in Media Industry

Digital Banking has four subcategories:

-    Bank of the Year

-    Best Banking App

-    Best Innovative Bank

-    Best Customer Care

Digital and Telecommunication which has four sub-categories:

-    Telco Company of the Year

-    Best Customer Care 

-    Best Mobile Money App

-    Best Innovative Telco Company of the Year

Digital Communication has five subcategories:

- Content Creator of the Year.

- Influencer of the Year.

- Photographer of the Year.

- Graphic Designer of the Year.

- Videographer of the Year

Digital Entertainment has six subcategories:

- Digital Artist of the Year (Male).

- Digital Artist of the Year (Female).

- Digital Sports Club of the Year.

- Digital Athlete of the Year (Male).

- Digital Comedian of the Year (Female)

- Digital Comedian of the Year (Male). 

Digital Marketing and Business have seven subcategories:

- Social Media Marketing Campaign of the Year.

- Entrepreneur on the Digital (Male).

- Local Brands on Digital.

- Digital Marketing Agency of the Year.

- Corporate Leader of the Year on Social Media (Female).

- Corporate Leader of the Year on Social Media (Male).

- Entrepreneur on the Digital (Female). 

Digital Media has six subcategories:

-    Digital TV of the Year

-    Blog of the Year

-    Best Media House on Digital

-    Online Radio of the Year

-    Best Digital Journalist (Female)

-    Best Digital Journalist (Male)


Digital Governance has five subcategories:

-    Digital Politician of the Year (Male)

-    Digital Politician of the Year (Female)

-    Best Government Agency on Digital

-    Digital Innovation for Social Service Provision

-    Best Political Party Use of Social Media


Digital Advocacy has four subcategories:

-    Best NGO Use of Social Media

-    Best Social Media Advocacy Campaign

-    Best NGO Leader of the Year on Social Media (Male)

-    Best NGO Leader of the Year on Social Media (Female)


Digital Diplomacy has four subcategories:

-    Mission/Embassy Page of the Year

-    Diplomatic Leader of the Year in Social Media (Male)

-    Diplomatic Leader of the Year in Social Media (Female)

-    Best International Agency in Digital


People’s Choice Award


Honorary Award

The launching of the 2022 season went concurrently with the launch of the nomination process set to run from the 13th to the 27th of December 2022. The nomination process will be carried out through the digital nomination form available on the TDA website. Members of the public are allowed to nominate potential nominees in all categories and subcategories. Potential nominees can also self-nominate in categories they deem fit.  


Speaking at the launch event in Dar es Salaam, Michael Mallya, Chief Operating Officer for Serengeti Bytes – the organizers of the award scheme said the past two seasons of the awards have been remarkably competitive and exciting hence they are expecting more this year. 


“Since its launch in 2020 the Tanzania Digital Awards has been growing in terms of significance and value it adds to the country’s digital ecosystem. Last year we saw a more exciting and competitive season. We added two more main categories to respond to the stakeholders and public feedback who vied for increased inclusion of more sectors and subsectors. Following the increased awareness about the initiative, we saw increased engagement and participation of the public and stakeholders in the previous season. Because the initiative has proved worth it in promoting digital transformation in Tanzania, we expect greater things this year.  


Mallya described the overall plan for the Tanzania Digital Awards 2022. He said that after the nomination process is closed, the technical committee which is responsible for evaluation will shortlist nominees per each subcategory and the names will be posted on the website for voting which is set to commence on the 5th – 26th January 2023. After the conclusion of the voting process, the technical committee will evaluate votes and approve winners ready for the award ceremony which is set for 25th February 2023.


“Every TDA season has its unique taste. In the past two seasons, we could not convene stakeholders and winners for the award event because of the reasons such as COVID-19 and others that were out of hand. Despite that, winners were celebrated virtually and awards were delivered to every winner. This season we are happy to announce that we will hold the event to bring together digital champions and all relevant parties to celebrate digital transformation milestones in the country,” said Mallya.


Members of the public and stakeholders are encouraged to visit the Tanzania Digital Awards website at for more information on categories, criteria, nominations, voting, and partnerships. In case of additional information, the TDA organizers can be contacted via email at or via phone at +255 737 957 082.


Established on January 16th, 2020, the Tanzania Digital Awards extend recognition to individuals and organizations who make effective use of digital technologies to creatively and innovatively inspire actions, bring change and foster lasting impact across and beyond the online community.

The Tanzania Digital Awards are brought to you by Serengeti Bytes, a Creative Public Relations, Strategic Communications, and Digital Marketing Agency.

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