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MP suspended for falsely accusing Mwakyembe.

SPEAKER of the National Assembly Job Ndugai has suspended Special Seats MP (Chadema) Jesca Kishoa for two sittings for making false accusations in the House against the Minister for Constitution and Legal Affairs, Dr Harrison Mwakyembe.

Presiding Chairperson Andrew Chenge made the announcement here yesterday after the lawmaker failed to prove the allegations as required by Standing Order Number 63 (6).
The provision mandates the Speaker to suspend an MP for five sittings but it was reduced to two because, by yesterday, there were only two sittings remaining.
The MP, who is also the wife of former opposition MP David Kafulila, last Mondayaccused Dr Mwakyembe of occasioning a loss of 238bn/- when serving as Transport Minister in the Fourth Phase Government.
The opposition MP could have been spared yesterday had she retracted the claims but she refused when directed by the presiding chair to do so, choosing to remain unrepentant.
On Monday, she was given three days to prove the allegations to the Speaker but as the order expired yesterday she had not made any submission to provide evidence for the said loss by the cabinet minister.
Ms Kishoa had alleged while debating the 2016/2017 guidelines for development plan and budget that Dr Mwakyembe had caused the loss through purchase of 204 substandard wagons for the Tanzania Railways Limited (TRL).
Standing Order Number 63 (8) gives power to the Speaker to suspend any member of the assembly for not more than five days if she/he fails to substantiate beyond doubt of any statement or accusation made in the House.
“As per the said regulation and since you have failed to bring evidence of your claims within three days as directed I ask you to retract the statement,” Mr Chenge directed the MP.
At this juncture, the MP stood and remained adamant refusing to withdraw the statement. The presiding chair eventually ordered her out of the debating chamber and parliament premises for two sessions starting yesterday.
It all started on Monday when she was debating the guidelines for the development plan. She alleged that a report by the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) submitted to a parliamentary committee to which she is a member had showed the said loss.
She went on to claim that the report had indicated that the ministry failed to conduct a due diligence on the company contracted to provide the wagons and thus purchase of substandard railway wagons. Shortly afterwards, Dr Mwakyembe stood on point of information and dared the MP to prove her allegations.
The minister explained further that while serving in the Transport docket the government had never spent more than 60bn/- to purchase the wagons.
“I will be ready to resign if the MP brings evidence in this House of the said loss,” the minister dared Ms Kishoa.
There were heated exchanges thereafter between Kawe MP Halima Mdee (Chadema) and the Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and Disabled), Ms Jenista Mhagama, on whether or not the standing orders were adhered to.

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